Fake news

Fernando Mendez | 8/11/2017, 10 a.m.
Fake news

Having tried and failed to bully the press into providing only good news about his government Donald Trump has decided to make his own media. Using the internet and branding itself as a genuine news outlet, Trump.com is attempting to circumvent the conventional media. But fake news could have serious consequences. As a candidate he understood the power of Twitter. He began to control the news cycle using social media. He did a lot of that writing on Fridays and would capture the headlines for the whole weekend. He still does, but now it seems more urgent to understand what he is planning, if there is any truth to his tweets, if there is anything to worry about. “After 200 days rarely has any administration done what we have achieved,” said Trump via Twitter. That is an obvious lie.

He continues to rely on social media launching attacks tweeting against the media. He brags about the support he has with his base. Recent rallies in Iowa, Ohio and West Virginia where he was cheered by the crowds have led him to believe that he has strong support among his followers and that they will not be deterred by the fake news coming at them from every news outlet. But the real fake news is what the anchor woman of his Trump.com news says at the end of the broadcast--”and that was the real news.” There is nothing real about that creation. It is designed to come across as a news broadcast but it just tries to legitimize the insanity that is Trump’s White House.

This president doesn’t want to look at the truth, refusing to acknowledge the fact that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election, that they set up a suspicious meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and seven other people connected to Trump including his son in law Jared Kushner. The investigation of Russian hacking, a clandestine meeting with Russians at the Trump Tower, the possibility that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions was involved in some way with the Russians and the certainty that Michael Flynn, his National Security Adviser, was found to be dealing with the Russians, points to a pattern of behavior that worries us for its apparent political naivety and ethical lapses.

The administration cannot shape reality to suit their purposes. Robert Mueller, the special Counsel is going ahead with his investigation and has impaneled at least one grand jury to hear testimony. Trump’s allies say that the grand jury is tainted because the residents of Washington D.C. are liberal and they will sit in judgment of a Republican president. In order to defend himself, Trump will try to undermine our faith in the jury system using his fake news outlet.

We have to worry about this president’s lack of diplomatic experience and his often outrageous public statements. North Korea is giving Trump a chance to act like a bully because they have been testing long range missiles and have named Guam as a target. Trump said North Korea will face “power the likes of which the world has never seen before.” This time, his rhetorical excesses could bring us to a truly serious international crisis.

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